Jo  Nguyen

Founder of Jasper Stone.

Influenced by the essence of energy from the natural stone.
The grief from a young Father passed silently left behind a legacy for Jo to continue that inspired deep answers for men’s wellness and self-care. The layering of life’s process turned into ambition to improve her own habits and small changes that made a tremendous impact on her own state of mind. The door of enlightenment opened for her and helped her carry on a more insightful, fulfilling journey. Her camaraderie to service is part of her dna. Over 13 years of experience she intertwined a concoction for the old school practice and revived new barbering. She delivers the dedication of your time into meditation. Your haircut becomes a practice of self love with Jo.  
“If you don’t take care of yourself, no one can. The biggest gift to your loved ones is your ability to have quality time in your best physical being.”